If you’re looking to lose fat then you have to try this brand new custom keto meal plan


The 14 Day Diet has been created after over a decade of research, personal experimentation and experimenting with hundreds of clients in person and thousands more through our website and Online training.

When you follow The 14 Day Diet for just 14 days you’ll see amazing benefits in how your body looks and feels. Plus… you can do anything for 14 days so take the 14-day challenge and make sure you follow through with starting The 14 Day Diet today.

It’s important to note that these recommendations, although sound and proven, should be passed by your healthcare practitioner before you begin following The 14 Day Diet.

The purpose of this diet is to take everything that we’ve learned and distill it into a set of very simple principles that will allow you to lose fat and regain your health in a way that is satisfying and sustainable.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the diet however. We’ve found that complexity is what causes most people to fail and give up. Which is why, although the following pages will educate you on The 14 Day Diet’s philosophy based on hard nutritional biochemistry principals, it will be simple in nature to understand and implement.

In fact, The 14 Day Diet can be distilled into 3 simple “RULES”:

RULE #1 – Eat Fat Burning Foods Most Of The Time
RULE #2 – Boost Your Metabolism With Intermittent Cheat Days
RULE #3 – Detoxify Your Body Through Intermittent Fasting

For best results, take the time to read through this manual and then follow along to either the beginner, intermediate or advanced 14 Day Diet protocol.

We recommend starting with the beginner protocol and moving up as you consistently success with each cycle.

Let’s get started by teaching you how your body works and how eating more (not less) as long as it’s more of the right food will be the secret to your fat loss success!


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